A term we use for a garden in need of some serious attention. This is usually undertaken as a daily project until completed, conducted as a single operation with no follow on work. This would not normally include hard landscaping.

We undertake projects both large and small with the same care and attention to detail.

Fencing the garden, adding topsoil and laying a new lawn.
image/_proj_05_02.jpg    image/_proj_05_01.jpg
Creating interest in a small suburban garden. The two pictures below show the garden before the makeover.
image/_proj_07_08.jpg     image/_proj_07_09.jpg

Reinstating a much-neglected classic English suburban garden.
image/_proj_09_05.jpg image/_proj_09_01.jpg image/_proj_09_04.jpg
Below: the garden as it was before restoration.
image/_proj_09_06.jpg    image/_proj_09_07.jpg
image/_proj_11_02.jpg    image/_proj_11_01.jpg
A new lawn, summer house and replanting to give a more spacious feel to the garden.
image/_proj_11_04.jpg    image/_proj_11_05.jpg

image/_proj_12_01.jpg    image/_proj_12_02.jpg
The pictures above show the results of our work in transforming this long thin neglected garden,
shown below, into a place of tranquil beauty.
image/_proj_12_03.jpg    image/_proj_12_04.jpg
image/_proj_15_03.jpg    image/_proj_15_04.jpg
A small garden, tidied up and put into a manageable condition.
Below shows the garden before work started.
image/_proj_15_01.jpg    image/_proj_15_02.jpg
image/_proj_17_07.jpg image/_proj_17_09.jpg image/_proj_17_10.jpg
image/_proj_18_05.jpg     image/_proj_18_04.jpg
Beauty created from back yard
image/_proj_18_01.jpg    image/_proj_18_02.jpg
image/_proj_21_07.jpg image/_proj_21_05.jpg image/_proj_21_08.jpg
Above shows the results of extensive weeding and resinstatement of shrubs to a forgotten area of land.
image/_proj_21_03.jpg image/_proj_21_01.jpg
The transformation of a garden. The above pictures show the garden one year after clearing,
image/_proj_23_05.jpg image/_proj_23_03.jpg image/_proj_23_07.jpg
image/_proj_23_08.jpg   image/_proj_23_09.jpg
We like to think we can display your garden to its best advantage through care and attention.

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